1. CyberConnector: a system can automatically process the EO data into the right products in the right form needed for ESM initialization, validation, and inter-comparison.
  2. Geoprocessing Service Kit: A bundle of Web services to complete various kinds of geospatial processing goals. The URL of the service kit entry is:
  3. GeoFairy – A mobile phone app which succeeds to collect and display nine kinds of the mostly used geospatial information: vegetation (VegScape), weather (OpenWeatherMap), precipitation (NASA AIRS), atmosphere, soil moisture (NASA), altitude (DEMExplorer), agriculture (USDA), land cover (GLCNMO) and land use (CropScape). Geofairy has been published on Google Play and Apple store.
  4. GADMFS – A Web GIS that provides global NDVI, VCI and Drought datasets derived using tile-based MODIS datasets and implements Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS) to support visualization and acquisition of the global data. I am responsible for developing module functions in the system like customizing VCI product according to specific user requirements.
  5. MOGRAW – (MODIS-GRASS-WCPS) is an online web prototype system to provide geoprocessing services through OGC WCPS standard interfaces.
  6. BPELPower – A BPEL execution engine for composing geospatial web services. I am responsible for developing some external functions modules to combine BPELPower into specific application scenario and perform the significant role to link all the distributed resources together to complete a complex task.
  7. WMD – workflow model designer, a tool for general users to design a workflow based on BPELPower. I write code to extend WMD into a system which helps people be aware of all the resources they can use and compose them according to a particular goal in a more intelligent pattern.
  8. GeoPWProv – A Web prototype system to capture, record, query and visualize the provenance information generated by geoscientific workflow.
  9. GeoPWDesigner – A Web application to compose Geoprocessing Web Services into a logic workflow, instantiate the logic workflow to an executable workflow which is deployed on an ActiveBPEL engine.
  10. GeoPWTaskManager – A Web System to create, edit, manage, execute and monitor the geoprocessing workflows composed by several Geospatial Web Services.
  11. GeoPW Ontology Manager – A Web system, which leverages Web 2.0, Sensor Web, Semantic Web and geoprocessing services, allows the use of task ontology to support live geoprocessing (Fig4). The system is an extension of the GeoPWDesigner by supporting the ontologies and Sensor Web technologies.
  12. PowerGrid GIS Platform (EPGIS) – A Web platform for the electricity management according to the requirements of the State Grid in China. Responsible the query service, thematic map service, and Web service context.