1. Skillful in programing using Java, JavaScript, JSP, C++/C, Shell, R, and Fortran.
  2. Skillful in excising deep learning libraries: tensorflow and deeplearning4j.
  3. Geospatial Software: Familiar with Quantum GIS, ArcGIS, GeoServer, GRASS GIS, OpenLayers, MapWindow, ENVI, ERDAS, eCognition, etc.
  4. Non-geospatial software: Familiar with Apache Cordova, Oracle BPEL, Oracle DataBase, BEA WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis2, Apache Ant, ActiveBPEL, PostgreSQL, Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA, popular JS graphic libraries (ExtJS, RaphealJS, JQuery, Bootstrap), etc.
  5. Familiar Coding Environment: Windows, Linux (Federa, Ubuntu, Red hat etc), Mac OS (Mavericks), Android.
  6. Familiar with Cloud computing technologies and software (Apache CloudStack).
  7. Familiar with the development and management of Web and mobile phone applications.
  8. Capable to design Web pages using Dreamweaver and Photoshop.