1. Co-I of NASA project “Satellite-aided regional dust forecasting for Valley fever surveillance, highway accident prevention, and air quality management in the Southwestern United States”
  2. Principal Investigator of ESIP lab project “Geoweaver: a web-based system for managing compound geospatial workflows of large-scale distributed deep networks” ($7,000).
  3. Team Leader of NSF project #1740693 “CyberWay: Integrated Capabilities of EarthCube Building Blocks for Facilitating Cyber-based Innovative Way of Interdisciplinary Geoscience Studies” ($1,100,000.00).
  4. Team Leader of NSF project #1440294 “CyberConnector: an EarthCube building block for facilitating the automatic preparation and feeding of both historic and near-real time Earth Observation customized data and on-demand derived products into Earth science models”. ($1,000,000.00)
  5. Team Leader of OGC Testbed 13. GMU CSISS is responsible for three threads in Testbed 13. Responsible for two components: NR101 Cloud based WPS development; NA101 Agriculture scientist client.
  6. Team Leader of OGC Testbed 12. GMU CSISS is responsible for eight threads in Testbed 12. Responsible for five components: A027 GeoPackages Mobile App Data Implementation; A054 Mobile Device GeoPackage Common Map API Implementation; A109 Browser Based Client; A043 WCS SOAP server and A045 WCS Conventional Server. ($97,360.00)
  7. Engineer in OGC Testbed 11: GMU CSISS is responsible for five threads in Testbed 11. Responsible for the implementation of A020 WCS implementation with JPIP supporting the scenario.
  8. Engineer of GADMFS: An online operational geospatial service system of agricultural drought monitoring. I am responsible for maintaining the system normal running, generating latest drought data product, developing new functions to enhance the system capabilities and reconstructing the system code to improve user experience.
  9. Team Leader of DOE project #DE-NA0001123 A Prototypical Ontology-supported Intelligent Geospatial Feature Discovery System (iGFDS) for Proliferation Detection. ($897,114)
  10. Engineer of VegScape: A web service based online system to monitor U.S. national vegetation condition and provide an operational hosting and maintenance service to USDA/NASS. I worked on using the vegetation product provided by VegScape, testing the robustness of the system, providing suggestions for system improving and building Web services to demonstrate and promote the advantages of VegScape.
  11. Engineer of the project: Metadata Tracking in Geospatial Service Chaining and Geospatial Data Provenance, funded by National Natural Science Fundation of China.
  12. Engineer of Spatial Analysis Service in EPGIS Server. Wuhan Geo Information Engineering Technology Ltd. China.
  13. Engineer of Task-oriented Information Aggregation Service Model in Earth Observation Sensor Web. National Basic Research Program of China (973), Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
  14. Principal Investigator of Construct, track and evaluate geospatial service chain in a task-oriented approach, The Doctor Independent Research Fund of Wuhan University.

On Campus:

  1. Developed a Campus Geographic System with my teammates using Visual Basic in March 2008. In the system new students can search classrooms, bedrooms, dining hall and library. It also implemented the functions of optimal path and buffer analysis.
  2. Developed a City GISystem of Wuhan with teammates using Visual C++ and MapX plugin of MapInfo Co. Ltd in June 2008.
  3. Visited Mountain Lu to study the geographical features in September 2007.
  4. Developed a GIS software using Visual C++ language in December 2007. The software can open geospatial data in DXF format, and also able to display, zoom in or out, pan the map in the workspace window.
  5. Surveyed the informatics campus of Wuhan University with teammates and produced a map on paper. I learnt using the instruments of surveying and mapping, such as total station and hydrostatic level.