1. NGA Disparate Data Competition Winter. GeoFairy.Map won one of the fifteen cash awards in Oct, 2016. The prize is $10,000.
  2. Third prize in the GEO GeoAppathon competition in 2014. The prize is $2,500.
  3. Third prize in the EarthServer Big Data Contest in 2014. The prize is $600.
  4. EarthCube Early Career Travel Grant in 2018. ($500)
  5. The 2010-2011th Trimble Scholarship. The Trimble Corporation in U.S.
  6. Scholarship of Wuhan University Undergraduate Science Innovation in 2012. Wuhan University.
  7. Undergraduate Excellent First Scholarship. 2012-2013. Wuhan University.
  8. National Scholarship. 2012-2013. Department of Education in China.