Computer automatically open browser and visit a virus redirecting link to ads

In the past half year, I am disturbed by this annoying malware. If I don’t shut down the computer, I will see a new web page is there every morning. I thought it must be a malware and tried a lot of virus protection software. Ironically nothing works.

After numerous times of being frustrated with the automatically popped ads page, I decided to find out it my self and it turns out to be extremely easy. I search my browser history and find that it shows up exactly at 8:49PM every day. This is a scheduled task in computer task library! It is not a malware problem, but a configuration problem. That is why all the virus scan software lose their power.

The solution is straightforward:

right click This PC -> click Manage -> choose Task Scheduler Library. You will see that little bunny task called “PPI Update” which will open a URL “″(ads/malware link, don’t open). Remove this task and the world will become peaceful again.

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