Deeplearning4j CPU MKL DLL problem

Recently, I am excising the DeepLearning4j library which is developing rapidly with a growing user community. I use it because Java is my
“mother” language.

I have cloned the dl4j-examples and run without problem for nearly a year. In the last two months, I leave it behind and focus on something else (and installed some software for the new tasks). Yesterday, when I rerun the dl4j-examples, the program exited with a message “Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load mkl_intel_thread.dll”. I searched all over the web and tried to compile through the ND4j. But, nothing helps.

After reading this page, I understand DL4j can use either MKL or OpenBLAS. I never installed MKL and always use OpenBLAS which is a built-in module of ND4j (as I understand). Why does ND4j suddenly choose MKL as its blas vendor instead of OpenBLAS?

Eventually, my solution is checking the PATH environment variable. My case is on Windows. Go to the environment variable setting page and examine the PATH variable carefully. Remove the pathes which may cheat DL4j to believe your machine has MKL installed. After the change, make sure reboot your machine to let the change take effect. The JVM won’t adopt the new changes until it is restarted.

In my case, I removed the pathes which are appearently appended to the PATH variable after I installed new software. The problem is solved.

Here is the log of OpenBLAS:

 15:41:16.342 [main] INFO org.reflections.Reflections - Reflections took 890 ms to scan 13 urls, producing 31 keys and 227 values
 15:41:26.898 [main] INFO org.nd4j.nativeblas.Nd4jBlas - Number of threads used for BLAS: 2
 15:41:26.995 [main] INFO o.n.l.a.o.e.DefaultOpExecutioner - Backend used: [CPU]; OS: [Windows 7]
 15:41:26.995 [main] INFO o.n.l.a.o.e.DefaultOpExecutioner - Cores: [4]; Memory: [1.8GB];
 15:41:26.996 [main] INFO o.n.l.a.o.e.DefaultOpExecutioner - Blas vendor: [OPENBLAS]
 15:41:28.658 [main] DEBUG org.reflections.Reflections - going to scan these urls:

One thought on “Deeplearning4j CPU MKL DLL problem

  1. That’s very helpful! I’ve been searching the internet for a solution but I wasn’t successful at all until I found your blog! Thanks a lot!


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