GeoFairy.Map wins in NGA Disparate Data Competition


GeoFairy.Map, derived from GeoFairy, is one of the final winners in Stage 1 of NGA Disparate Data Competition.

Geofairy.Map is a system created as an easy-to-go entry for the widely disparate datasets faced by both governments and corporations today. The system hubs many kinds of data sources, especially governmental datasets from NGA, NOAA, NASA, USGS, EPA, etc, and makes it much easier for people to discover, access, view and retrieve them via as few clicks as possible. With Geofairy.Map, users no longer need to jump about on the Internet and get exhausted to reach the information they are interested in. The time spent by users on data accessing is significantly reduced. This feature will be very helpful in the situations of emergency such as military actions, disaster responding and daily information quick inquiry. The datasets in Geofairy.Map are very heterogeneous in formats such as WMS, WMTS, ArcGIS REST, GeoJSON, Geopackage, ESRIShapefile, KML, NITF, GeoTiff, CSV, XLS, XML and GML. Geofairy.Map managed to manipulate them in a very uniformed, intuitive and secured interface. Geofairy.Map has both web based and mobile based clients. Everytime users submit any request, Geofairy.Map will repeatedly perform security checking on client, networking and server. The operation can be only processed when a clearance is granted for the current communication. Among the checking, client identity and networking anti-hijacking are the two major items that have to be validated. We designed and are making Geofairy.Map to take advantage of the Apple iOS Finger Print system to identify the users. On the backstage, as many data sources have restrictions on data access, we perform the server-to-server communication following secure channels and policies such as HTTPS, HTTP Auth, Token and WS-security policies.

The datasets already integrated in Geofairy.Map include (both NGA and other public datasets):

  • Hurricane_Hermine
  • Disaster Response – NEPAL
  • Wildlife Trafficking
  • Geonames – foreign
  • Navy BlueMarble – low res (WMS)
  • Navy BlueMarble – low res (WMTS)
  • Sample NITF Data
  • Sample Landsat Data
  • FAA Airports
  • Global Ground Control Point Dataset
  • AsiaMaritime Transparency (Public service)
  • Bathymetric, GeophysicalMaps (NOAA)
  • West Africa Ebola Outbreak
  • Data for World Food Program
  • S. Fire Data
  • NOAA Historical Hazard
  • Global Weather Map (from OpenWeatherMap)
  • USDA Land Cover Product (Crop Data Layer)
  • USDA National Hardness Zone Map
  • USGS DEM 90 Meters
  • NASA AIRS Product
  • NASA AIRS NRT Product
  • NASA TRMM Product
  • NASA OMI Product
  • Vegetation Monitoring Product from VegScape

A demo video of the web page version of Geofairy.Map is here:

A demo video of the mobile App version of Geofairy.Map is here:

Great thanks to the authors of GeoFairy.Map (order by contribution from high to low):

Ziheng Sun (

Liping Di (

Gil Heo

Chen Zhang

Ziao Liu

Hui Fang

Liping Guo

©All rights are reserved by authors.

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