how to configure mysql database for geonetwork 3.0.0+ on CentOS 6.6

1 install Java and tomcat on CentOS

2 download geonetwork 3.0.2 or 3.0.3 war package

3 use tomcat web application manager to upload the geonetwork war and deploy it

4 after the deployment, go to the directory $tomcat_home/web apps/geonetwork/WEB-INF/config-node/srv.xml choose the MySQL as database

5 then update the WEB-INF/configure-db/ with MySQL connection information

6 then most important part, set MySQL as table name case insensitive and create an empty database geonetwork in MySQL before restart the tomcat.

Set MySQL as table name case sensitive:

Add the following line to the mysqld
config in /etc/my.cnf

Create an empty database in MySQL:

mysql>create database geonetwork;

Then restart the tomcat and enter the link to test if geonetwork is successfully configured.


Good luck!

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