Geofairy wins the third prize in Geo Appathon Global Competition

Geofairy, a mobile App led by Liping Di and developed by Ziheng Sun and Gil, won the third place among more than 250 participant individuals from the globe in GEO Appathon Competition 2014.

The details about the competition and other winners can be found here.

Geofairy has been published on Google Play store. Its address is

Geofairy has 8 source datasets and more than 100 data layers covering the whole globe, including most developing countries. The information types include weather, vegetation, elevation, soil moisture, land cover, atmosphere and precipitation. For developing countries these information are very helpful but lack or hard to retrieve due to rare open earth observation projects and inappropriate data use. Geofairy could provide everyone in developing country with free geospatial information to help them make decisions about agriculture, biodiversity, climate, disaster, ecosystems, health and weather.

As being a hub of geospatial information, Geofairy owns powerful capabilities in providing information and has a very big usage scope. The users interested in Geofairy could be gardeners, farmers, agriculture control, forest control, air company, mountain climbers, city planner, disaster control, etc. Actually because Geofairy supports weather forecast checking, its users could be anyone.

Due to people frequent and excessive planning, destroying, constructing and producing activities, developing countries usually have bigger changes on land cover, agriculture, city area, vegetation, atmosphere, climate, etc over years. Those changes often lead to bad consequences such as severe haze, desertification, climate warming, drought, vegetation deterioration and water pollution. The information in Geofairy can help developing countries monitoring the measures related to these disasters, providing timely and accurate status reports, analyzing the trends in the history and guiding people in developing countries make plans and take actions to prevent or remove these bad consequences.

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