Mac OS X Mavericks by Niresh Default Account Name and Password

If you have installed Niresh Version of Mac OS X Mavericks system in your virtual machine software like VirtualBox, it may be really confused that the system didn’t ask you to create a new user and directly lead you to a log in interface. Do not waste time on installing the system again. Remember if that situation happens, the default account name and password are:

name: root

password: niresh

Log in and then create your own account inside. Bingo! It is done.


10 thoughts on “Mac OS X Mavericks by Niresh Default Account Name and Password

  1. Hey there i have downloaded – ZIP64 archive, unpacked size 4,878,503,447 bytes and asked for a password. kindly letme know the password, please. Thanks


    1. Hi Jatin, how are you!

      Well I am a little confused about your question. If you already enter the system which asks a user name and a password, just try root as user name and niresh as password. It should work for all the niresh versions of Mac OS systems.

      Or you mean when you are unpacking the zip file it asks for a password? Sorry I have no idea about that. I didn’t meet that problem before ’cause the file I downloaded is a iso file. I straightly loaded it into the virtual CD/DVD drive of VirtualBox to install a Mac OS virtual machine. The iso file can also be unpacked without asking for password.

      Generally, a password for the zip file is added by a third party organization. Where did you download your zip file? You should be able to find a password on their website. Hope this can help you.


      1. I’m trying root and niresh, after su – root from the command line which is responding with the obligatory “Sorry” stderr. My primary issue is failure to mount an nfs filesystem from linux.


  2. worked for me but the everything is a little off. example: if i hover over the app store it’ll show the name for the icon either on the left or right side of it and to get to the app store i had to click in the middle of the lefr and actual app store icon. is there a fix?


  3. Thanks a lot my friend. You have helped me a lot. May Allah rewards you and leads you to the right path. Thanks again.


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