Geofairy – A Mobile App Towards A Brand New Geospatial Information Sharing Mode

Gefairy, a mobile app led by Liping Di and developed by Ziheng Sun and Gil in GMU CSISS, has been published on Google Play Store. Search “Geofairy” (notice first character is capitalized) in GooglePlay and you will see it directly.


Geofairy succeeds to collect and display nine kinds of the mostly used geospatial information: vegetation, weather, precipitation, atmosphere, soil moisture, altitude, agriculture, land cover and land use. The information comes from different data providers. Geofairy performs as a hub gathering and reformatting information and sharing with users.
Location based is the major character of Geofairy. The location could be the current device location or any location manually specified by users. Users could know precisely and timely what is going on at their interesting locations through Geofairy. The information search in Geofairy applies GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) resource registry as database. The huge amount of data and systems archived in GEOSS can provide public with a complete overview about the available information of the target location.
Geofairy supports users to view geoinformation in three different types of view mode: table, chart and map. Users can freely switch among the three view modes and easily discover interesting information from Geofairy.
Above all, Geofairy is a mobile App gathering geospatial information from distributed providers, organizing information and share with users in an intuitive way in which people could check all the information with only one single click.

A few screenshots are attached in the following. Welcome to try and give us your suggestions so that we can make it better for your requirements. Leave your comments here (wordpress) or directly on GooglePlayStorage review pads. We will appreciate and emphasize each valuable comment and make corresponding improvements as soon as possible.

Snap92 Snap93 Snap94 Snap96 Snap97 Snap98 Snap99 Snap100 Snap102 Snap103 Snap104 Snap106 Snap107 Snap108 Snap109 Snap112 Snap113 Snap114 Snap115

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